Deadalus wallet

I was "going to transfer hundreds of thousands into Deadalus on the 12th but they took the snapshot before I could do it. Thought it would be at end of day.

Can I NOW, today, transfer ADA into wallet safely and be ready for next “test”?

Yes, there will be another snapshot end of November

Thks. Meaning a second test? Should I transfer int daedalus all my ada today from Binance? into my Daedalus wallet? I just tested the balance and it matches my “real wallet” 1.2 ada. lol

@shawn The snapshot at the end of November is the real deal. You need to move as much ADA as you want to stake into your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet before this last snapshot is taken. There are no do-overs.

@shawn I would transfer it as soon as possible in anticipation of the real snapshot occurring at the end of this month.

OK. Thanks guys. I JUST transferred my ada into my wallet. I also download the “check testate wallet”. What hd been there 1.2 ADA shows a in the testate.

My old wallet now shows it holds my ADA.

Thanks a million.

Wish I had transferred it a day sooner .It would ALL be in the testate.

Is there any second testate?

Is the November the “last time” to be in the wallet to stake? Meaning if someone buys ADA in 3 months can they stake?

What if I buy more in 3 months?

Thanks for letting me pick your brains.

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For your own safety you should never say what are your holdings.

You didn’t miss it, it starts in 2 weeks, you just missed the balance check, doesn’t matter.

There will only be one testnet, but it definitely won’t be that last time to stake. After testnet comes mainnet, so it will be permanent!


Ok so the first snapshot was taken on 12:00PM UTC on the 12th so any ada that wasn’t in your wallet before wouldn’t show up in a wallet in the balance check.

There will be a second snapshot at the end of this month. That will be the only chance to have your ada included in the incentivised testnet.

Details of when the snapshot will happen will be released by IOHK soon.

In terms of this, no the only chance you’ll get to stake ada is to include it in your wallet before the second snapshot at the end of this month.

@Shawn Just to reiterate what JulianM said “Don’t posting your holdings for your safety.” If I were you (as soon as possible) I probably delete the posts announcing how many or an estimate of how many ADA you have.