Stake ADA

I understand a snapshot was taken on a date, so if I buy ADA now, can’t I stake it in testnet?


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That’s correct, sorry, mainnet staking in a few months.

Edit: Sorry, I misread it as “I can’t stake it” and intended to confirm that.

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yes that is correct. if someone else is saying something different, he may want to scam you!


Let me clarify for the OP, new ADA purchased now can NOT be used to stake in the testnet.


a lot of problem with the testnet.I still have not receive any rewards.Almoust every time it shows me a Error message"Failed connected to the server"what am I supposed to do?

Just gotta wait, nothing you can do can force their servers to work. I have received rewards but yoroi is down right now.

Thank you for all your answers, too bad I would have liked to put more ADAs! :slight_smile:

@Vaeran I use Daedelus and I have no problems connecting to the server.

Here is a post on Reddit about restoring a yoroi wallet on testnet Daedalus. I have not tried this so please do some more research on it.

Hi there, I’m new to the forums and I’ve been accumulating some ADA for the past six months.

Just for further clarification, if I were to put some ADA holdings into my Daedalus wallet, would I not be able to participate in the testnet staking? Is it one of those things where in you had to have some of your funds in there at the beginning to be a part of the testing phase? In other words, is there anyway I could still join a staking pull and earn rewards as of right now? Is there anyway I could go about setting up a staking pool operation? Or do I have to wait until main net hits?

Sorry, you needed to have your holdings in place on 29 Nov, only option now is wait for mainnet.