Staking Cardano and snapshot

hi Cardano community,

I hope everyone is okay.
I’ve been looking and I haven’t found it, so I come here to ask for your help.
I missed the day of Cardano’s snapshot, I didn’t have my ADA in my wallet Daedalus, have it in another wallet.

My question is whether it is possible to enter the ADA Testnet or if I will only be able to STAKE ADA when I go to the mainnet?
Is there any way to participate?


If you had it in Yoroi, you can also participate in the ITN


Welcome to the forum @cryptopedro!

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hi Josseh,

no, it was in another wallet.
i have the Yoroi Testnet and has zero coins.
so, its not possible if i don’t have the coins in this 2 wallets?


Hey Cryptopedro! unfortunately we needed to participate during the snapshot by holding the ADA in either Yoroi or Daedalus and without them being in a cold wallet in order to participate in the Incentivized testnet.
But if you purpose is testing I am happy to get you a bit of tADA to try, if yes, register on either of the ITN wallets and msg me :slight_smile:


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thanks for the replay!

have a nice day

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