Balance Snapshot 29 November

I see a notice on that the final testnet snapshot will be at 12:00 UTC on 29 November.
Does anyone show it on the Daedalus news feed?
Also anyone have info on when delegation will be enabled?

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Delegation start date has yet to be decided, it will depend on the stakepool network being ready. As for the snapshot:


The important dates are: (subject to development milestones)

Snapshot date will be Friday 29th November 2019 at 12:00 UTC.

There will be an information dump for all the staking rewards including percentages on Thursday 5th December 2019.

The testnet will be released on Monday 9th December 2019.


Shall I use special Yoroi wallet for the second snapshot in order to obtain my ADA reward ot stay with the same wallet?

Did the first snapshot work for you? It will be the same procedure as in the first snapshot, but this time it will be for real.

For security reasons, I moved the Ada to a new wallet after the first snapshot. Can the new wallet be used for the snapshot and later on for staking? Or do I have to put the Ada back on the Wallet of the first snapshot?

If your new wallet is in Daedalus or Yoroi (not backed up by HW wallet) then it can be used for the second snapshot/incentivized testnet staking.


I took part in the first Snapshot in the Incentivized Testnet which went fine for me. After that I removed all my funds back to my exchange and bought more Ada.

I wanted to take part in the Second Snapshot so downloaded Version 1.1.0-ITN1 for Mac running on OS Catalina, installation went great then entered my 12 words to restore the balance and it restored but the Incentivized Testnet balance wasn’t there at all. So I tried restoring with the 15-word and it restored but the balance was of my old balance from first Snapshot.

I am kind of panicking as my Mainnet Wallet (which has all the Ada’s) is appearing to show “0.0000” Ada on the Incentivized Wallet, I desperately wish to take part in the Main Snapshot tomorrow and have contacted IOHK Support but still waiting to hear from them.

Yes the first snapshot worked was without problem

I was hoping somebody who had managed to understand your situation from what you wrote there might have answered before now, but it’s been 16 hours, so…

You say you tried the 12 then the 15 word phrases, but one wallet does not have two phrases!

If your mainnet wallet does indeed have all your holding then you have nothing to worry about for the second snapshot. The first one is irrelevant now.

If you have any more problems please start a new topic in Community Technical Support, do not put it into an existing thread.

I missed yesterdays snapshot. My cardano is in an upgraded yoroi as of Nov 30 . Efforts to check balance resulting in api error try again later.

What should I do?

From what I understand, Version 1.1.0-ITN1 was only for the Balance check.

A new version for Daedalus will be available for the Incentivized testnet and you should be able to see your balance.

Where was your holding at the time of the snapshot?

Its fixed . Snapshot completed its task. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

My cardano at time of snapshot was in the early version of yoroi wallet. I updated it Nov 30 , did balance check last night it works. Can I still join a staking pool?

If you mean now, no, that’s not yet possible.

If you mean eventually, along with everyone else, then yes, why would you be any different? :smile:

Not now. When everyone else is.

My cardano was in a yoroi wallet since June 2019. When the snapshot was taken on Nov 29th was my cardano included ?

I didn’t quite have things together and upgraded to the testnet version a day later. I got api error message when trying to balance check. Last night balance check verified . It worked.

All Im trying to do is get things lined up for the the staking incentives . Do I need to do anything else , other than joining a staking pool at the appropriate time?


Steve Amodie

The balance check worked… that’s it.

Great thanks for assistance!

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So if I like to join a stakingpool on Shelly testnet to get rewards, should my device with the Testnet wallet stay online permanently?