✔️ All systems go, for incentivized testnet?

  • Yes, all my ADA is there.
  • No, my ADA is not showing up after snapshot.
  • I’m not participating in the incentivized Testnet.

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Nice Poll :grinning:

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Thanks you,


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I wish we can open Daedalus as fast as the Daedalus Incentivized Testnet.

I’m only using Yoroi Wallet, i should’ve added options to show which wallet people were using.


I did spend about 10 minutes looking for the testnet option in Yoroi before I realized I needed to download a distinct and new version of the Yoroi Chrome extension, but once I input my mnemonic words I was able to confirm my balance.

Great job @SebastienGllmt and team!


I know for sure that my seed phrase is correct but my Daedalus balance is showing zero. Also, I have only had my ADA in my wallet and using [adascan.net] it shows my correct balance. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!

If you input your correct seed phase incorrectly it will show a new, empty wallet. Try again.

Hi. I already tried it several times with no luck.

How do you know it’s correct, have you ever restored that seed phrase before? The good news is you have time to move that ADA to a new, carefully created wallet before the final snapshot at the end of November. Good luck my friend :grinning:

It’s very strange in that I recently restored my wallet on a new computer so that I could confirm that everything was in place for the snapshot. I have also checked another source and confirmed that my seed phrase is correct. I guess I will just have to transfer and hope that the next one shows up. Thanks a lot!

Hi Brad,
There are 2 known issues affecting a small subset of users. Could you use Yoroi (shelley testnet balance check version) meanwhile to do the balance check (you can restore your Daedalus wallet in Yoroi via Daedalus tab)?

Thank you. Are these known issues going to be fixed soon? The reason that I use Daedalus is that I feel that it is much more secure than Yoroi. Is this the case as I don’t feel comfortable typing in my seed phrase on the internet.

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It’s not “on the internet”, yes it looks like a web page but it’s generated locally, your phrase is not sent anywhere.


Thank you…checked and all is good. Full balance showing.


Which wallet are you using @Brad_Z ?

Daedalus. The test net version showed zero balance but when I checked the Daedalus function within Yoroi everything was there.


Balance check Daedalus is not connecting for me (my regular Daedalus runs fine). Filed a ticket. May be the known issue of hanging on connecting to node. Good they are doing this test run first.

EDIT: Got a fast response from IOHK indicating they had a lot of network traffic and to give it more time (wait past the error message). Did so and it connected and aok!

Exactly the same experience as you. All looking good though :+1: