Shelley Testnet Information Links (UPDATED 10th)

(UPDATED: 10th December)

For all those that are still not sure, or have a few questions about the upcoming Shelley testnet or are just curious to know more, I have put together an information pack with resources from across the community each with information that might help you understand the process or help you keep your ADA safe! I will keep this updated and informed throughout the process!

Balance Check - First Snapshot Tuesday 12th of November - 12:00PM -UTC - DONE :white_check_mark:

Second Snapshot - 29th of November - 12:00PM UTC - DONE :white_check_mark: Confirmation here

  • If you had your ada in Daedalus or Yoroi before this time, you will have the option to participate in the testnet and earn real staking rewards. However any ada that was not in either Daedalus or Yoroi at that time will not be included in the testnet.

More info about the testnet 5th of December - DONE :white_check_mark:

Information dump
  • IOHK blog post explaining the Shelley testnet incentives model: Here

  • Guide for stake pool operators: Here

  • Charles update AMA: Here

Tentative testnet start - 11th to the 13th of December - More exact information coming soon!

NOTE: Please download the balance check wallets from trusted sources. Please do not download from shared links from non-official sources. KEEP YOUR ADA SAFE!!

Incentivised Testnet Explorer: Here

Balance Check Wallets - Will only work for balances that were correct at the time of the first snapshot (12th of November) It will not show your balance at the time of the second snapshot

Daedalus & Yoroi Balance Check Wallets and Information

Daedalus Balance Check

  • Find the download for the balance check Daedalus for Windows, MacOS and Linux.: Here

Balance Check Wallet - Yoroi

  • Find the download for the balance check Yoroi for Chrome: Here

  • Find the download for the balance check Yoroi for Firefox: Here

  • Tutorial on how to check your balance using Yoroi: Here

  • Tutorial on how to check your balance using Yoroi mobile: Here


  • Here we have the incentivised testnet website where updates about the testnet along with the testnet status will be presented: Here

  • Update video from IOHK by Tim Harrison - First snapshot done: Here

  • Update video from IOHK by Tim Harrison - Second snapshot details: Here

  • This is the introductory article by IOHK gives you a great picture of the incentivised testnet: Here

  • Update article by IOHK: Here

  • A few FAQs answered by IOHK in this video by Tim Harrison: Here

Emurgo Q&A, and Ledger Nano - Yoroi transfer video

  • In this video Nicolas and Sebastien from Emurgo give a great Q&A about the testnet: Here

A Dummies Guide
Here we have a forum post by Ambassador Luke, who is a moderator on Telegram. In this post he helps describe the process in simple facts and cuts through some of the more complex details: Here

Detailed Medium Article
Next we have a in-depth overview of the whole process of staking. This article is written by - Ambassadors, Jaromír and Lukáš: Here

Summary Video and Yoroi/Ledger to Daedalus video by Ambassador Philippe

  • In this video, Philippe gives a short summary of the snapshots and what you need to do to get involved Here

  • In this video, Philippe shows you how to move your ADA from Yoroi/Ledger to Daedalus ready for the snapshot Here

Charles Hoskinson

  • We also have here Charles Hoskinson’s latest AMA which covers some of the newest info on the testnet: Here

  • We also have a short update AMA: Here

  • Update AMA from Charles: Here

  • Update Tweet, with dates about second snapshot from Charles: Here

List of wallets that are included in the testnet snapshot

Links to other information that maybe out of date, but good for reference

Balance Check Daedalus

  • This tutorial from Darko from IOHK will show you how to balance check on Daedalus: Here
  • Tutorial from Philippe on how to check our balance on the Daedalus balance check wallet: Here
  • For users having issues with balance issues or issues starting your node in Windows then this article will help you through the update: Here


  • In this video Alejandro Garcia from IOHK shows you how to move your ADA from Ledger Nano, Tangem Cards and Exchanges into Daedalus ready for the snapshot: Here

  • In this video Tim Harrison explains how the first snapshot on November 12th will go: Here


  • This video presented by Emurgo, will help you move your ADA from the Ledger device to Yoroi: Here

  • This video also presented by Emurgo, will help you move your ADA from Binance (exchange) to Yoroi: Here

Charles Hoskinson

  • Twitter update about the first snapshot - 11th November Here

  • Charles gives an update on the balance check and some safety tips: Here

:warning: Safety :warning:
Last but not least, and one of the most important points… The Cardano Foundation will be doing a series on safety and how to keep your ADA safe during this time. I urge you to check it out and keep your ADA safe!: Here

Of course if you still have questions then please feel free to ask! Thanks!

:tada: Happy Testing! :tada:


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Yoroi wallets android?

You can install the testnet version of Yoroi on android by using either firefox or Chrome and install the extension :+1:

Both those links are above :wink:

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Can I take the snapshot today or wait for the next one?
Thanks Josh_Munday

You need to wait for the next one. All the information is in the links.

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I could not do the snapshot yesterday for not having the words at hand, has the Opportunity already passed?

Should have been no need for seed phrase, where was your ADA held at the time?

Yoroi wallet móvil :iphone:

You’re fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Make the balance today, do you know if any indication or confirmation arrives?