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How different is setting up a pool for the testnet vs the mainnet?
Will pool operators for the testnet simply transition their pools to the mainnet?
If I would like to create a pool for the testnet, must it be ready when the testnet launches, or can I participate at a later date once my testnet pool is up and running?


You can now update the link for ‘Genesis Hash + node-config.yaml’

To the following which automatically redirects to latest versions:


Quick question…What is the difference between the Beta and nightly testnet? Do you need to run both?

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Both are different chains, like different universes. It depends on your needs, knowing that the nightly network is used for the latest developments just entering the testing phase, while the beta network is used for more refined instances of the development of a piece of code.


JorManager tool for stakepool management -


Hi @rodri, thank you for including my video on the list (Building a Cardano Stake Pool from Scratch)!

I’d like to ask you to edit the name on the video creator. I am no longer associated with Fresco Pool and my stake pool name is now Garden Pool as referenced in the videos. I also created another video last week for the mainnet candidate testnet before it was put on hold, where I used CNTools to build it. Here is a link if you’d like to add it to the list:

Building a Cardano Stake Pool using CNTools (Shelley Mainnet Candidate)



Hello, Me & my cousin planing to setup Stake Pool for Shelly main net. but we have tried to work on recently on test net from Big Pey Video Tutorials. but found some error. Please let us know, from scratch, where shall we start, More over we have not participate on ITN erra. still we can create stake pool for main net & how much cost to run the main net. I mean there is any cost to run main net? Because due some reason I have been not following Cardano update since several months. but very much interested to work as Stake pool operator. More over is there any time frame to register for main net stake pool, I mean for example if some one want to create stake pool after 2 months, it is possible or we have to be join as earliest as we can due to catch early epoch?

@rodri I thought I remembered seeing this guide on Github… is it? I can’t seem to find it now. I’m trying to find a link that I lost track of, which I remembered seeing on a Github page that looked just like this posting… so if you have a Github link for the directory above, would you please post it here? thanks :pray:

Hi, I want to start my own staking pool - Is this tutorial still usable since it is for the testnet?! Couldnt find any up to date ones :-/

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Hi! The most up-to-date guidelines are in section “Setup Guides”. I recommend you first the official one and this unofficial one. You can also explore the others.

Hi All,

We want to give back to community and help people build their own Stake Pool we’ve just published our guide/article on how to do it. Our pool was built using the official documentation and finding answers to our other questions from the guides of YouTubers like BigPey but ours covers some areas that we got “stuck” such the Ada requirements to register your stake address that we didn’t find clear elsewhere. We have tried to clarify terminology by adding some descriptions to terms that new stake pool builders may be unfamiliar with. Please take a look and let us know your thoughts.


For all of you who want to monitor your pool nodes for free and get mail notifications if e.g. cardano-node stops or the load average gets to high - feel free to use my pool_check script if you are on linux. Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

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hey, can you please upgrade the link to my scripts. the link in the main post is long updated, thx! :slight_smile:

also there are now fully offline and mary compatible, etc…


you may add also these text/video guides:

If someone is interested in a simple Failover Script For Block Producers I provided mine here: GitHub - ResponsibleStaking/Cardano-Simple-Failover