Useful guides/tutorials for stake-pool operators (setting up a Cardano stake pool)

:zap: Please note, that this thread is outdated. Use this thread: Useful resources to run a Stake Pool


please be prepared to read a lot and try a lot when you are thinking about running a Cardano stake pool.

A great way to start is here: here you will find the links to the operators guide and the testnet developers website.

IOHK recently released a series of tutorial videos: (I think it’s better to dig into the texts first before watching them)

A new step by step guide by @cryptocreampuff to set up a stake pool which is many aimed at beginners:

A lovely collection of aliases, environment variables and scripts by @Chris-Graffagnino that could make your life easier, packed in a tutorial/guide (some server configuration points are certainly controversial, please do your own research):

For reasons of clarity, these guides/tutorials were separated from Useful scripts for stake-pool operators


Thank you for sharing our guide @adatainment! :))


Hello, Is the step by step guide / poapool link posted above by @cryptocreampuff still usable for the Shelley launch? Just exploring the possibility of launching a pool and looking for an updated guide.


Hey Cosmos! Yes, our guide is up to date for the Shelley testnet. The current version of the carda-node used by the guide is 1.15.1, which is the latest one.

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