Stake Pools Question

Hello guys,
I wonder what should you learn or do in order to become a Stake Pool Operator.This question came in my mind since there’s a lot of unprofessional Stake pool Operators out there…
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please be prepared to read a lot and try a lot. A great way to start is here: here you will find the links to the operators guide and the testnet developers website.

IOHK recently released a series of tutorial videos: (I think it’s better to dig into the texts first before watching them)


Thank you very much for your reply!
"a commitment to maintain your node 24/7/365"that is not very clear to me…what If I am working?How much can I win from this pool in order to deal only with this?

If something goes wrong with the node and you can’t fix it because you’re busy elsewhere, that is your problem, I’m afraid! :grin:

Only you know what you need to live on. Nobody knows where the price will go, and other factors are also difficult or impossible to predict, so pool operator income calculations are IMO pointless at this time. You have enough faith in Cardano and yourself to give it a go or you don’t.

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Thank you for this clarification!
What should I learn,in order to be able to work in the platform after mainnet release ,shall I learn Plutus(I might start some online business on it,that’s why I am asking ) :)?

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I’d suggest just learning as much as you can about Cardano as a whole for the next few months. IMO the business idea will be at least as important as any particular skill.