Skills and Requirements for Stakepool Operators

IMO we should view this as applying to testnet participants as well. I’m concerned that people who do not have a suitable background will clog up the channels with “stupid” questions.

As a stake pool operator for Cardano, you will typically have the following abilities:

  • Operational knowledge of how to run and maintain a Cardano node continuously, 24/7/365
  • System operation skills
  • Experience of development and operations (DevOps) would be very useful
  • Server administration skills (operational and maintenance).

Basic Nix skills are beneficial, but not required. We provide Nix scripts for ease of use, but you should be able to start a node and connect to the testnet without using these scripts.



Thanks @RobJF!

Once the incentivised testnet launches, how complicated do you expect it to be for non-coders to join the testnet and delegate their stake?

Cant agree more :slight_smile:

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Delegation is very very different from stakepool operation and it should be very easy, but I’ve no idea how it’s actually going to be done on the testnet.


Where can info be found on how stakepools will be set up or how joining a pool will go?


Thank you!

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Very diplomatically put @RobJF, especially calling them “stupid” questions. Many would have left off the quote marks :grinning:

I realise that for everyone who has been following the Cardano project and are excited at Shelley getting closer, it is tempting to want to be involved. This is especially true given that it is a stage where the control currently being held by IOHK etc. is being given up to the community.

At such a significant moment, with the first ever provably secure proof of stake protocol coming online, it is almost like another Bitcoin moment. So who wouldn’t want to be involved.

You are of course correct that not everyone should run a stake pool and I think if most do just a little reading (there is plenty of information available) and then ask themselves some serious questions about their own capabilities, they would have the answers without needing to post questions here.

I think I’ve said this before on this forum somewhere, but what is the point in having such professional standards to build the software to then have it poorly operated.

Maybe we need to put a call out for suggestions for how those not technically capable of participating in the transition to Shelley, can still be involved and feel like they are part of this momentous occasion.

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