Setting up our new pool *PLEASE HELP

Hey guys
I’ve been ‘supporting’ Cardano since it hit the scene in 2017.
We over at really wanted to start a testnet pool a few months ago. But we missed the snapshot. I only found out on the day it happened. We got a server going etc then realized we needed ada just to register it and get it going. We then emailed the foundation for a few testnet ADA and THEY SAID NO!!! Which honestly I couldn’t believe.
Any our devops guy had to much on his plate to chase them.

So anyway we really wanna get this thing up and running.

My question is;

Is it better to get it going before the snapshot coming up in a week or so on the testnet? As apposed to just waiting for main net details to set one up.

If it is better to get going before the snapshot, can someone PLEASE send us a few testnet ada to get the thing up and running?

If we need to get it up on the testnet right away, where is the lastest instructions/node version download? Because I have found instructions just strewn all over the place. It seems a bit messy to say the least.


Thanks so much for your help and time! We really wanna get this thing up and running and provide a good pool for the community.

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Hello and welcome to the forum @cardanovault,

I assume this is about the Shelley Haskell testnet. (but I’m not 100% sure because you wrote you missed the snapshot)

The Cardano Foundation is not able to send test ada because the process is different. There is for example a testnet faucet where people can get ada and there is another way to get more ada, but this is also not in control of the Cardano Foundation.

So, where to go from here? You can find guidelines and how-to posts in the “operators talk”-category: in particular please have a look here:


Welcome David (@Cardanovault)

hey guys, thanks for the reply. yes we found the faucet, or a faucet so hopefully that works. looking to get a node up and running before the snapshot. when is that going to be? 29th? i assume they will snapshot all the pools and bring them over somehow?

Going through all this documentation etc. its scattered everywhere with different things from different people. Why on earth isn’t there someone putting all this stuff in a concise guide/s from Cardano. This is uber important getting the pools up and supporting us doing so isn’t it?

That will come in time, things have been changing too much recently.