TESTNET - delegation request

Hi folks,

So my test pool (ticker ADAKT) seems up and running, despite a couple of questions which I’ve got on another thread [here](TESTNET - NO Processed Tx - NO Mempool TX), I should be all good (thanks Laplasz from ADAPT pool for the help!)

Now in order to forge some blocks I’ve requested some tADA from this [url](Cardano (Testnet) Pools).

It’s been several days now and I haven’t received anything yet on my base payment address (addr_test1vzfrryv3c0venxhrw66kdd0f3q4gvnx4v7mqm44pvy0w6jqpt3qyp).

Is there another process to get enough test ADA to be elected slot leader and forge some blocks?

Kind regards,

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