Need 1 Million Test Adas to test my Testnet Pool: Someone please transfer if okay

Hi Cardano Community,

As I am trying to setup my stake-pool on Testnet, Can someone please transfer 1 Million Test ADA into below Wallet address of mine. More that a Million is also okay. :slight_smile:


Appreciate the help !

Want to say big Thanks to @Homer_J for promptly transferring 1M tADAs.

I could get this help through Telegram Group “Cardano Stake Pool best Practice Workgroup”. Seems its very active community there considering obvious convenience of a mobile device. Will advice people to also join that telegram group.

I’ve been struggling with this also. I’m getting all the tADA I can from the faucet but at this rate I figure it will be 6 months before I can test producing a block :unamused:. Someday I’ll get there!

LBCT1 : b4730b2a21f8524451448f942e6d6957aee42a9836acf971641430d1

go ask for help on the telegram group. helpful set of people, someone will pitch in for sure.

Hi Lyle, I noticed some one on telegram channel helped you out. So you must be all set to produce some blocks after couple f epoch i guess.