Requesting testnet ADA for producing a block


I finally seem to succeed in hosting a stake pool in ADAs testnet. Now I have read some guys over here requested a couple millions of tADAs to test if the pool can produce a block.

Anyone willing to delegate his testfunds over to have a final test?

Pool name: Aiuris Testnet Pool #2
ticker: AIS

I already see it in Dadealus testnet wallet and delegating some faucet funds. Thanks for your help and best regards!

Be carefull TO SCAMERS on telegram

Uhm yes be careful guys. I request you for delegating from your tADA wallet, not sending me funds. As far as I have understood this is safe since your funds stay in your wallet and still it will increase the stakes on the pool and therefore the chance of minting a block. please correct me if Im wrong. You can undelegate by yourself if you see a block was minted.

I don’t have tADA, try on telegram to ask

Oh now I understand. Thanks, I will try on telegram

Hey Alex, do you mean some kind of scam possible even with tADA and Testnet through Telegram ?

No, but perhaps someone will ask for real ADA… anyway… just go and ask for tADA

@Alexd1985 please edit the address of the scammer out of your post, seems like it already got a transaction in fault.

which post?

your first one where you quoted a wallet adress. it got mistaken by HomerJ to be mine

Its not a scammer, that’s @NirmalSingh :slight_smile:

sorry no offense, I got it wrong. Hope HomerJ will get his tADAs back.

ping @NirmalSingh

Just curious - Did your testnet stake pool ever mint any blocks? I have a stakepool on the testnet with over 10Million ADA that has not minted any blocks.


Then do u have a problem, how is the glive output?