HELP : need 1+M ADA staking to test a new pool on testnet

I have set up a pool on the testnet for a couple of weeks now. It seems to be working fine so far, but it has too low staking to get a chance to produce a block.

I just set up another one yesterday. I’d really appreciate if someone can help by delegating some significant amount to either of these pools so that I can verify my setup can and will produce blocks?

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Hello, @Jun_Sun

I am very glad to hear that you have decided to support the Cardano protocol by creating a pool. That is no small task. To get help you have already taken the first step (this topic). You could also reach out to @Alexd1985, he runs a charity pool, has vast experience and is always willing to help others.

As for getting delegators, my best advice is to support the community by taking initiatives. This is creating educational content, dedicating a portion of the rewards to some charity you identify with or to your own delegators. And last but not least, to allocate all the resources you have at your disposal to the creation of a single stake pool.

Maybe if you follow these little tips, then the following IOG bog post will be helpful to you as well.



Thanks for your reply, @napoles Those are helpful tips when I start to run real pools on mainnet. For now I really just want to validate on testnet. Since ADA on testnet has no value, I hope someone can just “bootstrap” my pools and verify their setups are technically correct.


You may find these resources useful. I don’t know if you already know them, so here are the links. Best wishes that you will soon be running your stake pool on the mainnet.


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Hi Jun,
I am in same state as yours needing ~1M Test ADAs. Did you manage to get the same finally ?

I got 20m test ADA eventually. I can delegate some ADA to you if you let me know your pool ticker.

Alternatively, you can try to get the test ADA from telegram channel, cardano-public-testnet-ops.

Thanks Jun, I managed to get 1M. Will touch base if need any more in future.

Hello to all,

I have set up a pool on the testnet, but I need more ADA in delegation. At the moment the only place I have found to retrieve ADAs, is at: Faucet, but of course the amount of ADAs per day is very limited. Could you please tell me how to retrieve a large number of tADAs to be able to delegate them to my pool, to be able to solve blocks and verify that everything works fine.

Thank you very much !!!,