ASTOR has paid out the first dividend to loyal delegators

I’m happy to let you know, that ASTOR has just paid out the first dividend to loyal delegators.

The rational behind it is that 340 ADA pool reward is much more than we actually need to run on RaspberryPi4 and we would therefore like to give back to folks who support this project despite knowing that they would get more ROA when delegating to a much larger pool.

I’ve had this idea for a while, but it also took me a little while to learn Haskell so that I could largely automate the process.

Here is how it works every month …

  • We take a snapshot of who has delegated to ASTOR consistently over the last six epochs
  • We calculate the average stake for every stake address that qualifies
  • From the pool rewards we subtract 1% margin that goes to charity anyway
  • We then subtract the actual running cost, which is very little
  • We further subtract a tax escrow, which is subject to local tax regulations
  • The remainder is distributed proportionally among delegators that qualify
  • Finally, we generate a Tx that publishes the details of the payout as metadata

For the [242…248] period, we could payout 425 ADA to four delegators.

   pool: "ASTOR",
   url: ""
   info: "Loyalty payout [242..248]",
   payout: 425265659,

Although, ASTOR is still a small pool you’ll get the benefit of a much larger pool because we believe that most of the reward should go to delegators and charity, provided that ASTOR can still run smoothly with whatever is left.

The next dividend for period [248…254] will be paid out in epoch 256.

You’re welcome to come on board.


Congrats @tomdx :partying_face: Happy to heart that! Keep up the good work & hope that more people will stake with your pool.

This is the right spirit!:+1:

Ok but the whole thing runs off chain? Or where is the mechanism triggered?

@wutzebaer Currently, the Tx is generated by a piece of Haskell code that I manually run once a month. I then, also manually sign the Tx and send it to the network. Unfortunately, I have to use a CLI base addr for this, because Ledger HW integration cannot handle metadata.

We just had another round of payouts to loyal delegators.

For details have a look at the blog or twitter.

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