How pools distribute rewards to delegates

Hello, my partner and I are setting up our first staking node, and I was wondering about how the rewards of our delegates are actually sent to them. Are all rewards for a given Epoch first put into the pool node and then auto-sent our to the various staker addresses, or are those rewards sent directly from some other mechanism or address to the stakers.

A second question is: is there a way to see a list of all addresses that are staked to our node?

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Hi Christopher (@innovafire) Welcome to the community, great to see you here, I’m sure someone will be along shortly to answer your questions, again Welcome.

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Hi innovafire,

So at the end of the epoch (technically the first slot of the following epoch) the rewards are firstly used to pay the pool operator the fees, then the rest are distributed to delegates according to their ada. The pool operator has no control over this.

A pool operator can see addresses that are delegating and the amount of ada delegated through the command line on your server.


Thanks for that explanation.

Do you have any idea how early before August 18 we will be able to switch to main net and set up so we can work on attracting real stakers?

So the Hard fork is on 29th July, which takes one epoch to take effect.

An epoch is 120 hours / 5 days.

So 3rd July we will be able to stake. The first rewards will be distributed on 18th August from staking. So I would suggest that stakepools will be set up around hard fork time. Specifics will be communicated soon i’m sure


AH, I’m glad I asked! I thought STAKING was starting on Aug 18, not rewards! I think you meant to write 3 Aug for start of staking, but I get the idea.

OK, one other question. When a pool registers I know we set what our pool owner pledge is. I was wondering if that amount can ever be changed (up or down) and if so, if any repercussions of that.

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Here’s what I heard (paraphasing):

Increasing the ada amount in the pledge address has no negative effect but if a pool provides less pledge than the pledge stated on the pool certificate, it gets no rewards. Changing the set pledge amount requires a new pool certificate and will reset the pool, undelegating everyone on it.

This was only hearsay from a pool operator. Can anyone verify if this is true?

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Anybody have any info on what xxrsee mentioned?

here’s my source about changing pledge and the certificate thing. Still searching where I read about increasing pledge in the address and resetting the pool and stuff.

OK, thanks. Yeah that bit about resubmitting the certificate causing all delegates to be dropped is alarming if true.

I think it just means don’t go changing your pool’s configuration too much or
a pool operator can’t cheat by increasing the fee after ada has been delegated to the pool or the operator risks having no delegation.

Right, that’s fair. I’m OK with it if that is true, but I just think that, if true, it should be written in blazing letters int he sky. I’d hate to think of someone learning that the hard way and causing his whole group of delegates to be dropped just because he wanted to up his pledge.

From reading the thread from my source, it seems there’s an option to have one’s rewards sent back to the pledge address, if that is true, then increasing the ada in the pledge address should provide no risk. Better check with the stakepool best practices telegram to be sure of that.

Right, will do. Thanks.

Is your pool already up? We’re just getting up now, and we’re learning as we go.

As much as I would love to create a pool, my computer’s potato and currently don’t have any funds to either buy a cpu for staking or rent a server.

Ah OK, fair enough. I guess I just assumed because of the forum. What’s your involvement in the community?

Not really involved, simply wasting my time on the web trying to comprehend the wonder that is Cardano. Used to make memes before my machine got borked.

LOL. OK, that’s cool.

Hi Innovafire,

I wanted to clarify before responding.

So you can change your pledge when ever you like, it does not reset your pool, it will just send a notification to the wallets of people pledging to you to inform them. Nothing more.

What ever you set your delegating at, it does have to be there by the end of the epoch though or no one gets rewards.

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OK! Thanks for taking the time to get us the correct data. Much appreciated!

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