Staking issue

I just received my first rewards, I staked 5781 ada and only received 4.4 in rewards. How come so little? Doesn’t first rewards count for 2 Or 3 epochs ?And then that means I received max 2.2 ada on this amount of delegation?

Dear lumper43,

Congratulations to your first rewards!

The distribution of rewards is always delayed from the moment your delegated amount of ADA got a snapshot for the first time by two followed up snapshots. This means you receive rewards for something your chosen pool has done in the past. For example if you stop delegating now. You will continue receiving rewards for the next two epochs.

Once you get more experienced you might consider to choose a small stake pool to support the decentralization. There you might get no consistent rewards but if the pool was successful in producing the blocks your rewards will be bigger. In the end the idea is that the rewards average over the year if your chosen pool never misses its assigned blocks.

Consider to study this piece of information:

Happy staking and feel free to ask anything we are happy to help!


Thanks Johann, I do understand the snapshot and that there is a delay, but I thought that because we wait 20 days you would receive at least 2 epochs of rewards
Thanks for your time

Nope… u received the reward for epoch 250 If I am not wrong

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I would say it is a reasonable / expectable staking reward for one epoch.
Typical ROA (Return on ADA is 5,5% per Year)
One Epoch = 5 days / 365 days Per Year

Expected Rewards per Epoch:
5781 * 0,055 /365 * 5 = 4.35 ADA

Thank you Markus
Very well explained

the rewards you take is related your amount and the “active Stake” of the pool.
how much percent you are with your ADA to the active stake, is the same % you deserve from the delegation rewards.
i dont know if that makes it more clear.

Is there any advantage to put your Ada on Coinbase, your not delegating on the exchange are you ?

Coinbase can help you to purchase / trading agains FIAT (EUR, USD).
Delegating ADA is currently not possible on Coinbase. Propably they will add that but I’d strongly recommend to not keep it on the exchange if you want to hold it for a long time.

Rather keep it in your own wallt and delegate to one of the Pools (Single Pool Operators) here on the forum. This helps putting decentralization forward.

Thanks Markus