Staking Rewards - Got Nothing

I just joined a new Stake Pool on adalite through my ledger.

For some reason I am not earning any staking rewards

This is my pool id - pool1f9hmg8geal90dfsz3jph2uddj080w5s4ugykl0pktud26dd82s4
This is my rewards address - stake1u9epya7k3e82nc9f5j9cuanss60cpw3e22h7k0p8e64u2rg6eesf2
This is my staking address - stake1u9epya7k3e82nc9f5j9cuanss60cpw3e22h7k0p8e64u2rg6eesf2

I first delegated with them on 31/01/2023 at 00:05 -
On the adalite website it says my next rewards are on 02/20/2023 at 08:44:00

Are they doing something dodgey and should I re-deligate my ADA somewhere else?

Can you recommend a pool that won’t rip me off please?

Thank you all!

Much love!



You chose to support a small pool with a total amount of ADA delegated to small to make blocks each epoch…


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This is perfectly normal.
First rewards come after 4 epochs. This is a timeframe of aprox 20 days to make sure that you’re not swapping pools all the time. Which means that if you staked your ADA on the 31st of Jan, you will start receiving rewards starting from the 5th epoch (period of 5 days), so basically 20 days later. This depends on the blocks that the pool that you choose, verifies.

By delegating to a smaller pool you have several advantages, but the return percentage on your delegated ADA might be lower because the amount of blocks they verify each epoch might be lower as well.
If the staking pool doesn’t get any blocks to verify, you can’t get rewards for that epoch.

If you still have questions let me know.

The 15 to 20 days until first rewards come are more because of how staking works than to discourage pool swapping.

Every five days there is an epoch boundary. When you delegate for the first time, but also when you change your delegation, put more ADA in your account, or remove ADA from your account, those changes will be recorded in a snapshot on the next epoch boundary. The pool will use that stake in the epoch from the boundary five days later until the boundary ten days later. And then another epoch is used to calculate the rewards that are then paid 15 days after the change was recorded.

You delegated on 31st of January. That delegation was in the snapshot on 4th of February 21:44 UTC. It is currently used in the epoch from 9th of February 21:44 UTC to 14th of February 21:44 UTC and the rewards will be distributed on 19th of February 21:44 UTC.

This also means: It does not make much sense to change delegation multiple times within an epoch. Only the last of those changes will make it into a snapshot and really be used. And even after you remove all your ADA, you will still get rewards for 15 to 20 days. So, if there are a lot of ADA in your account, it makes sense to leave a couple of ADA there and collect those rewards.

As @Alexd1985 already said: You chose a pool with very small stake. It will only produce blocks every once in a while and you will only get rewards for those epochs where it produces blocks. That does not mean that it “rips you off”, but I also cannot see many advantages in it, except if you want to support the pool operator to maybe one day become large enough to produce consistent rewards.

Rewards are distributed by the protocol itself, not by the pool operators. So, their possibilities to rip off are very limited. They can raise their margin to 99% or 100%, which would leave delegators without rewards, but that has to be recorded on the chain in advance.


Hello @lifttrick,

it’s great that you choose a small pool to stake with, but Alu & Uifi pool is really small with not enough stake to regularly produce blocks, hence rewards are not regular either. You will see more information about them at the below link.

This tool is an excellent resource when researching pools. You could continue supporting this pool and help them grow by promoting them, or if you don’t want to do that, you can use to find another small pool. The choice is yours.