Stake pool got rewards, I got nothing?


I delegated 56k ADA to a pool that was almost empty (on purpose) and ended up being the only staker there. After a couple of epochs, the stake pool got pretty good rewards, and I was the only one staking there…but 4 epochs later I stil got nothing!

The stake pool is FRGL1, I was the only staker in epoch 13, and the pool got 1k ADA. As I understand 0.3K ADA were for Tax and pool rewards, and the pool should’ve give the stakers (me) 0.7k ADA.

In epoch 16 the pool got rewards too, the stakers are more now so the rewards are shared by more people…but It seems I got nothing again!

Is it posible for a pool to just keep the rewards and not share them with the stakers?
Am I missing something? am I just wrong?


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Are you sure that the pool got rewards every epoch? It is not impossible but highly unlikely to get rewards every epoch if your pool is smaller than 2M.

Please note that it is impossible for the stake pool operators to change distributions. The protocol handles distribution. Please wait till next epoch and see if you get any rewards… if the issue persists (i.e. your pool gets rewards but not you, consider reinstalling your wallet).

I have waited for 4 epochs to receive a reward so it is normal for small pools.

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Hello @ZCryt0Knight,

Thank you for your kind reply. I am not sure the pool got rewards, I only can see what and shows. I followed those tools every day and checked each epoch, and I saw rewards credited…so unless those tools show wrong info, the pool got rewards.

Is good to know the protocol handles distribution, and also to know you’ve experienced delays in the past. I’ll wait a couple more epochs then…

Thank you again!

you are welcome. is pretty accurate. I noticed it captures blocks immediately but takes time to show rewards. So far everything I have seen on rewards, has been accurate from

You may want to read this primer on reddit. We wrote it to clarify some of the misconceptions in staking.

Happy New Year!

FRGL1 got rewards in 1 out of 4 last epochs. This may explain your gap in rewards.

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Awesome post, very informative thank you!

Happy new year!!

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Same deal here. I delegated a 6-figure amount to STAKING4ADA.ORG on 29-Dec-2019 and now, 4 days later nothing showing in rewards.

Is it the pool? Can anyone suggest a KNOW working/functioning pool that’s paying rewards, just so I can see all this effort is worth my while?



What testnet wallet are you using?

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Just to clarify @jandres4 and @rolands50, first things first: were your ADA kept in either Daedalus or Yoroi at the time of the snapshot on November 29th 2019?

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There is currently 34M sitting in a stake pool that belongs to 4ADA. It has flatlined, i.e. it is offline. People who have delegated to them won’t receive anything.

Consider alternatives, preferably smaller pools that are far from saturation. Here is a primer that may give you some ideas.

For clarity:

There are two “STAKING4ADA” pools. The 0% fee one is defunct and has never made a block. The other 1% fee one is the active one. It seems people just delegated to the 0% one and then never undelegated.

You can confirm this on:

Just search for “4ADA” and 2 pools come up. the 0% one is even labeled " [[4ADA] 0% - OFFLINE - please delegate to (4ADA) 1%"

See my other post on stakepools here:

This is likely the reason.

Hello @CosmosX, yes of course I use Daedalus and already received rewards from some other pools before, I’m participating in the ITN from day one. The funds I delegated to FRGL1 were delegated to Clio.1 before, but it got saturated so I changed pools.

FRGL1 is the only pool that paid me nothing…

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Thanks to everyone for their replies - been very hlepful.

Yep, I had my balance - checked and confirmed it prior to the testnet going live. Currently using the Yoroi Shelley Testnet wallet, under Brave bowser.

The issue seems to have been (as someone has posted) that the pool I delegated to was dead. I actually came across this when searching the list of pools and the STAKLING4ADA wasn’t there at all! I’ve switched to another pool, but will have to wait the two-days before any rewards are given (again!)

There really needs to be some mechanism (and/or metrics) to better inform stakers of which pools are the most efficient,etc. This business (if I understand it correctly) of pools becoming ‘full’ and effectively becoming inactive seems a bit silly.

I also stake AION and ICX, in additioan to the ADA testnet staking. By far the best (most polished, simplest and fastest) is AION. If only the ADA staking could mirror them - not beating their drum, just my opinion. Hopefully the ADA staking process will be better once it is properly live.

Once again, thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions.



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Ha ha, turns out this is one of those fanboi forums where calling a spade a spade gets your post deleted.

Just in case you missed it, don’t delegate to scamming4ada.

Less Wright had some good idea’s for stake pools a long time ago that would protect delegates and prove the pool was running with just a couple clicks of the mouse, yet he was in position to do such and most of our available pools have not been prepared to give such assurance on what is still just a testnet, you can check out his thought’s on his fb page
and search comments here @MegaWind
Maybe we can ask him to come back and run a pool :sunglasses: I have a positive experience so far but I do like the idea of high standards and Less could help set them.
Hopefully before mainnet launch of staking our pool operators can give delegates tools to ensure they are online and maintaining thier network, I hope to ru a pool at some point and am unsure of the difficulties of delivering delegate insurance but will be trying to understand the difficulties before mainnet is realized - and Megawind kind of set the standard.

Feel free to state facts, but please keep it civil and respectful :slight_smile:
You can refer to guidelines for the community.

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Any idea when the test period will end? I hope to have over 400,000 ADA and will then split amongst four pools. Thanks.

Not a good idea to advertise your holding, you can be targetted by hackers/scammers/whatever.

Mainnet I believe most likely sometime in Q2.

I appreciate the comments. I plan on using the Daedalus. Right now, nobody can steal any ada as I have sold them and am waiting to rebuy - possibly. LOL

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Just be sure to buy them back lower than you sold ^^
Looks like we won´t go lower than 450 sats imho good bottom in this range
Does anybody know the average satoshi price investors bought ADA at in the ICO?
I think it was something like 400 sats