Stake pool got rewards, I got nothing?

Hi, I am not a regular visitor of this forum and only just read this thread about our 4ADA pool. Albeit very late, many thanks for taking the time to clarify this in a very correct and friendly way!

Our pool has been clarifying the situation around 4ADA ever since the Testnet launched. On our website, via Twitter, via Telegram and as you mentioned also via Pooltool. It is quite a job to keep up with all the media, but I will visit this site more often from now on as well :slight_smile:

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I.had yesterday the same problem: pool makes 6 blocks in the former epoch and may rewards were nihil, nothing, null. Strange because i staked my ada sinde almost an month in that same pool and all the other days the pool made blocks i recieved a few ada. My wallet is Yoroi. This is the third time it happens since the beginning off staking. The other two times i staked to different and other pools. I hope it is a issue for the testnet. It s a pitty, not a world problem :slight_smile:

I would reach out to the pool operator. I have had questions regarding rewards in the pool that I am in and I have always received prompt and helpful replies. If your’s is not willing to answer questions than it is time to find a new pool. Good luck!

I have the same problem i delicated 25k ada i waited 4 epoch

The pool i daligated is


I am staking my ada on yuroi wallet i am waiting like 2 weeks or so still received nothing what do i need to do?

Does do the same thing?

You’re responding to a thread that is 7 months old and was completely different era and network (ITN).

Please create a seperate thread for your query, and read this page with regards to your current query.