Stake Pools Rewards and Me

Hello all.

I have been holding ADA for a few years now, sadly the bulk of it in an exchange so missed the snapshot with the majority of my funds.

Anyway I have 600 ADA available on the testnet and have delegated to a pool for a couple days now. I am trying to work out how to tell if the pool I am in received a reward for an Epoch. I know I will only get about 0.1 ADA, or so I expect through my reading, but don’t understand how to tell if I will get that a day or from time to time.

For now I would just like to know how I can tell if the pool I am in has won a reward on an Epoch.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Sean,
Type the ticker of your pool into the search bar at and have a look at how it is performing.
If you are using Daedalus you can look in the rewards section to see how much you have accrued.
Happy Staking,