Staking Rewards Question

I’d like to see my rewards from staking by epoch in Daedalus so that I can see how much reward I’m getting each Epoch. But it seems Daedalus just totals them and I can’t get any breakdown. Even the spreadsheet download from the Daedalus rewards center just simply shows the total. And in the transaction list, it doesn’t list the new ADA entering my wallet, the total just seems to magically increase. There doesn’t seem to be any way to account for this.

Wouldn’t it make basic sense for me to be able to see the date of each reward separately, it’s amount, and then a total at the bottom instead? Wouldn’t it make sense that each reward added to my total would show in the transaction list as incoming ADA so I can account for it?

Currently, I’m not even sure how to use Daedalus to report when or how much ADA I received from rewards for tax purposes nor am I able to enter into my spreadsheets to compute ROI or other parameters of my investment.

Am I missing something? Please advise.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, these to me sounds like fantastic and reasonable requests. I’d like to see the same. Could you open a feature request ticket on IOHK’s zen desk asking for the same?

Great ideas.
Thank you.



I’m just a bit (well, more than a bit) surprised that it isn’t in here at day 1 as I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable with how it is being displayed and broken down currently.

Hopefully, they’ll decide to get this in the next release quickly, because there is no way to account for it in the software at all.


Transaction data export is coming soon, pretty sure rewards will form part of that.


That would be great. I just don’t want to assume they will make this part of that update since I would have assumed they would show this from the start.

How is anybody easily seeing how much each epoch reward for them is? And if it can’t be seen easily, how can anyone easily look at their rewards in their wallet and make a quick decision on how their delegation is performing?

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There are various ways to compare pools, you’re not limited to your personal results.

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Great minds thing alike @sailguy. Thanks for posting this. :+1: :sunglasses:

Not easily. Grab the data after each epoch and save it until they can show it to us in an easy format.

The reason you don’t see transactions going into your wallet is because rewards aren’t awarded with transactions. They go into a rewards account that is incremented by rewards and decremented by withdrawals.

Looking at Daedalus I wonder whether it’s also worth putting a note in the Delegation section that: “Rewards are paid out at the end of each Epoch / at the start of a new one” (or whenever it is exactly) seems like something worth informing people of.

Very interested in seeing some reward history details as well. That way we can see how pools are performing and what kind of returns we are getting

So I was relying on pool tool to inform myself how much ADA I was receiving every epoch. I did notice that catalyst voting rewards don’t appear to be showing up on that tool unless I am missing something. If anyone else has information on that please let me know