Rewards History

Is there anyway within Daedalus to track rewards history? Like a weekly history of reward transfers?

There is a feature which allows you to track your rewards via


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Yes. That doesn’t seem to track the specific rewards a single user received. It would be nice if the rewards showed up as transactions in ones Daedalus wallet.


It does.

Visit Pooltool.ioimage

Then copy one of your receiving address and search for rewards.

Scroll down abit and there you see how many rewards you received each epoch.


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Thanks Fabian.

Does Daedalus have a specific address for your staking wallet?

Hmmm, did that but it just gives me total rewards.

OK. Under details I see the per /epoch rewards.

Thank you so much.

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FYI, there was a related thread for this topic focused on rewards information for tax purposes. Months ago I opened a ticket asking about it and was told there would be an update for that functionality.

I opened a follow up ticket recently asking for an update and got this reply:

We have a plan to release the improved version very soon.
You will be able to check your rewards history on the Daedalus wallet.
But we don’t have ETA yet.

There is a way to check your rewards history from

Here are the steps.
(They go on to show steps for using

Great share!