Is thereba way to tell where your rewards came from?

For example I delegated to multiple pools. I switched them out 4 times I think in the past two days. From CLIO to ZZZ to NUTS to finally LEAF.

Do my rewards come from all of the pools or just the last one I delegate to?

You’d probably have to work it out from the dates, but you’d have to check every day, or at least as often as you switch.

So there’s no way to see transaction details? ie. have to check constantly and take note of the total rewards (delta)?

Also, when switching between pools, is there a penalty in between (like you lose this epoch’s reward because you moved over)?

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Correct, at least in Daedalus. There is a poor user information up to now which hopefully gets better in future versions. It’s stange because writing such information in a csv file should be the easiest part of all the work they have to do.

No penalty. You have to wait to the next but one epoch for the switch but in the meantime you get rewards from the first pool.