Is there a way to see which pool my rewards came from and how much from each?

Right now in Daedalus it only shows a total. I’m pretty new, but I’ve tried 3 pools so far. Got rewards from 2. I’m still trying to figure out how to pick a good pool. I tried the first one based on ranking. I think I Made about 217 ada. Second one I picked one that Daedalus suggested and I think I made 179 ada. The first one barely registers as a “good pool” in daedalus, but I got more out of it. So I’m currently trying one more that Daedalus suggested (one that is currently in the top 5 ). Daedalus says it should be about 179 more ada coming my way. Would be nice if the price went to $30 in this next bull run right?

It doesn’t matter what pool you pick, as long as the pool makes blocks, the rewards average out. Daedalus ranking structure is flawed! It has a visual effect of better pools, but actually you could get better rewards by picking a pool not ranked.

Swapping pools will most likely result in less rewards as it just becomes luck on what the pool gets the epochs you stay. Each epoch will give different rewards in the same pool

Just make sure you don’t pick a pool with more than 63m ada delegated as that will be saturated from 6th dec

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You can look at There you can actually see where the rewards came from. It takes 4 epochs for rewards to arrive from a delegation change, so you’re likely assuming your rewards came from the wrong pools.

Thanks!! I appreciate the help!

I suggest you try the Yoroi wallet extension. You just restore your Shelly wallet there. In my view, it’s very user friendly and your rewards are clearly shown when you can anticipate them to arrive in your wallets.

Another useful tool is where you can see all the pool ranking in a sensible way.

Browse thru the list and you would get a better idea of which pools consistently deliver rewards to their delegators. I would add to the quote below that “the pool operator should also demonstrate that they know what they are doing (a.k.a. has the knowledge and experiences required to successfully run the operations)”. It’s not that uncommon to see delegators miss out on the staking rewards because of some 100% preventable mistakes such as pledge is not met, went offline, forgot to update their pool key and etc.

May the luck be with your staking :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also try our simplified tool here: