Can´t see my rewards on mainnet wallet

Hi there,
the import from shelleyITN was fine. Now i delegate my ADA with Mainnet Wallet.
I can see on Daedalus Rewards Buton my Rewards. I show up with and i can see my rewards from each epoch. But: On my MainWallet from which i´m delegating there is still the same amount of ADAs. No additional income.
I know this needs some time. But can someone explain this to me?
On i use a Receiving Address from MainWallet, there is shown each rewards income, but not in the Window of my MainWallet?
Thanks for help!

Hey @mvhimself

I assume you are using Daedalus Mainnet.

Go to your delegation center and then click on the tab “Rewards”. You should see your delegated wallets and you should also see how much total rewards you already received. If you see your rewards there, you can be sure that your rewards are on your wallet. However you dont see a transaction each time rewards are paid out to your wallet.


Hi @Zyroxa
yeah. correct. In the tab “Rewards” I see my rewards. And i see my Wallet which is confiured for it.
But if i choose my Wallet on the left there is still the amount of ADAs from the beginning. No added rewards.No incoming transactions.
So this is actually right so and there is coming a update? Its looking quite a bit strange for me :wink:

The rewards are automaticly added to your total balance (which you see at the start of Daedalus) but you don’t see a transaction.


Thats exactly what i´m talking about. My total balance shows up only the Amount of ADAs which are delegated to a pool. There are no added ADA on this RewardWallet. I think its the usually way Delegation Wallet = RewardWallet?!

You might want to make a note on your exact amount of ada the wallet is showing today to compare it with the amount it shows tomorrow in the new epoch.

i know it´s quite strange and i thought i´m missing something stupid… but i´m sure i´m looking right.
anyway, i took screenshot and i will check after few days again. And then… omg. frightening…
can you answer following question: DelegationWallet is RewardWallet?!

just for info.
after i installing daedalus wallet and importing my wallet there shows now additional rewards.
so. don´t know whats happened but no i´m happy :slight_smile:

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