Can't receive the rewards

I join delegation on 19 July, but the first time i delegated on one pool, but i saw it didn’t deduct my whole ada, i thought i press sth wrong , then i press delegate again to other pool in same acc.

And now the rewards column said
"Your reward address holds your rewards and is used to validate any changes to your delegation preference

You cannot send ADA to reward addresses, but we show it for personal auditing purposes"

So what should i do??
Thank you.

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Hmm, this shouldn’t be true

Check one address on and u will see that the all wallet is delegated, also u should see rewards infos, etc

Hi guy!

You dont need to do nay more. You can check your wallet’s balance on your Dashboard (Daedalus or Yoroi app) or at,

Your first reward just comes only 15 days from your first delegation.