Received ITN rewards - must I re-delegate?

Hi All,

I delegated all of my ADA to a stake pool from wallet XYZ - let’s say the amount of ADA was 50K. A day later I redeemed my ITN rewards to wallet XYZ. Let’s say the rewards were 5K. Now, I wish to ensure that the 5K of ADA is also delegated to the same stake pool. Do I need to redelegate for this to happen, or is the original delegation good for all the ADA in the wallet (50K + 5K)?

Hope my question is clear.


If you redeemed your rewards to a wallet that is already delegated then you don’t have to do anything, all funds in that wallet are now delegated.


Thanks Ahmad. I actually found this post on reddit that shows how you can verify your delegation using You can also use to do the same thing. Great to know about this. Here’s the link to the reddit post if anyone’s interested -