How to redeem your Cardano ADA ITN rewards in 4 minutes or less

Hi everyone,

It’s time to retrieve those ITN rewards. Download Daedalus 2.1.0, click the ITN piggybank icon, and it will take you to the “Redeemed Incentivized Testnet rewards” feature. Enter your seed phrase from your ITN rewards wallet and retrieve it using a Shelley wallet that already has funds. You’ll need to pay a small fee to retrieve.



Hey Philpa,

Really appreciate you sharing this. Going through this process was very easy and simple. My only problem is the transaction for my ITN rewards is stuck in a “pending” limbo (I completed the redemption yesterday). Do you have any suggestions as how to fix this problem? I am concerned canceling the transaction could result in loss of ITN rewards.

Appreciate any suggestions you or anyone else may have.

Enjoy your day!

It won’t result in the loss. You need to make sure your wallet is fully synced. If it’s not, it’s stuck in Byron. There should be a wallet sync percentage when you open Daedalus on the main screen.

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Great thank you! Ill give that a go.

Tried the redemption without this video help and I had no problem. Was a little confused on what spending phrase to use - turns out you use the phrase(s) for any of the sub wallets created to delegate with.

Hard to mess up despite that, and transfer was completed without a problem.

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Hi ocnjcarp,

I don’t have my 15 seed phrase to acquire my rewards. Any suggestions as to how I may do so? Thanks

Hey Mountie,

I don’t believe so but maybe others can weigh in. As far as I know without that phrase you are out of luck.

If you still have access to the test net wallet perhaps you can edit the phrase but I’m doubting that.

Is it possible that you just misplaced the phrase or did you never write it down?

Thanks for your input. I’ve reached out to cardano support with screens shots to see if there is a way to acquire my stake.

If I don’t gain access to the stake, I wonder if the staker will get paid for their work? Best