Redeeming ITN Rewards on Shelly

Hey all!

It’s a beautiful day to be apart of the Cardano ecosystem! Happy Fork Day :fork_and_knife: And a huge thank you to everyone in the Cardano community that made Shelly possible.

With that said I am looking to gain info on how I can realize the rewards I got on the ITN and transfer them to my Shelly wallet. Is this as simple as just restoring my ITN wallet on the Mainnet 2.0 of Daedalus?

Let me know if you got the answer! Thanks and enjoy a wonderful day.

The rewards are not yet available on mainnet. They will be brought over in the next day or two.

Wonderful! Thank you.

@erikd it’s been a few days do you have a date for ITN rewards on mainnet? Thanks and no hurry just setting expectations.

Yes they are available at 3rd August.

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Thanks @Zyroxa. I’ve exclusively used Yoroi, but I’m syncing Daedalus for the first time to speed up my ability to benefit from Shelley.

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I was able to restore my ITN Yoroi wallet to Daedalus Mainnet 2.0.0 using the ITN recovery phrase (> + add Wallet > mark on Yoroi Wallet and incentivized Testnet Wallet…) , but my rewards are still not showing. Is the process still pending or have I missed something essential?

Zyroxa, Hello there. Will it be an update on Daedalus allowing rewards redeem, or something of the sort? No idea what to do hahahah

Just wait :stuck_out_tongue: we will get some new information in a few hours i guess :slight_smile:

But yeah i guess we will get a new update for Daedalus :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info :+1:

In Daedalus 2.0.0 after epoch 209 started, I’ve restored a wallet from ITN using Restore->Yoroi Wallet->15 words (Incentivized Testnet wallet) and I could see the rewards and they match with the expected amounts.

Today however I’ve upgraded to Daedalus 2.0.1 and the option “15 words (Incentivized Testnet wallet)” is grayed out and I didn’t find any other way how to restore ITN wallet anymore.

Is this a bug? Do the ITN wallets restored in 2.0.0 have some issue? Can I safely transfer rewards from them?

@erikd, can you please clarify? Thanks.

The rewards are on mainnet now, but they are not yet easily accessible via Daedalus.

There is an official statement here:

Hey everyone,

Could anyone tell me if it is possible/safe to claim rewards and delegate via ADA Lite whilst waiting for Yoroi/Daedalus Wallets?

Can’t use the new Daedalus Wallet as my iMac is too old. I have been using the Yoroi app on iPad and Firefox extention on my iMac.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Leslie

Yes thats possible.

Awesome! Thanks Fabian. :+1:

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Hey all,

I just redeemed my rewards with the latest version of Daedalus. The transaction is currently in a pending limbo where it has been trying to complete for the past hour or two. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem? Or should I just wait it out?

Thanks and super excited to be staking on mainnet!