Question on Staking Rewards

Hello Cardano Community! I currently have rewards in my Test Net wallet from delegating. I’ve moved my ADA from my Byron Daedalus wallet to a new Shelly Daedalus wallet. My rewards have not migrated to either of my main net wallets, as it says they would in the test net wallet rewards section. Anyone know what to do? Thank you!

ITN Rewards arent available until 3rd August.

Q: Talking of rewards, what is the process to obtain my rewards if I was delegating or staking on the ITN? And when?
A: The new mainnet release of the Daedalus wallet will include a dedicated “Redeem Incentivized Testnet rewards” feature, which will allow the redemption of the ITN rewards to a selected Shelley wallet in Daedalus. Rewards will be transferred to the Cardano mainnet on August 3, which is one epoch after the hard fork and you will be able to claim them then.

To claim your ITN rewards in Daedalus, you’ll need:

  • Your recovery phrase to restore the ITN wallet that contains the rewards
  • A Shelley mainnet wallet containing enough funds to pay the required ada transaction fee to redeem the ITN rewards

Thank you so much Zyroxa. Really appreciate…

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Zyroxa. Hope all is well w you. Forgive me but I can’t find the redeem feature in my Shelly wallet. Any help appreciated:)

I tried to restore the ITN wallet into my Shelly Wallet, but the option for 15 word pass phrase was not there. only 12 or 24.

Hey @HillyGorelick

Yes you are correct. With the current Version 2.0.1 its not possible to claim your ITN rewards. Please be patient and wait for the next release.

no problem at all. thanks Zyroxa!

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