Was staking on Test net. I have not done anything since. Does staking migrate?

Hey guys,
I have been staking on Shelley testnet but I know the mainnet is life. I have not yet checked my wallet yet. Is there anything I am supposed to do from here?


Yes, u should claim ur ITN rewards.

In order to do that, u should first create a new Shelley walet and migrate your ADA from ur old Byron wallet to the new Shelley wallet.

!!!Be carefull to write on paper the seed words for new Shelley wallet!!! U will need the on future when u will need to restore the wallet!!!

suppose u are using daedalus:

Steps to move your ADA from Byron to ADA:

  • create a new Shelley wallet
  • restore ur byron wallet using ur old (12) seed words
  • move ada from byron to shelley wallet

And for ITN rewards:

How to Redeem Incentivized Testnet (ITN) Rewards

After all of these u can delegate, I will appreciate if u will support me!


I staked with the Yoroi wallet. Is there a Yoroi wallet for the new Shelley mainnet?

Yes, same Yoroi but this time u need to create a Shelley wallet, and send ur ada from byron wallet to the new Shelley wallet
Also u will need to claim ur ITN rewards;

Happy delegation!

Thanks for your quick reply. Now what of the staking incentive I got from staking on testnet, can I also use the Yoroi wallet to claim it? The link you sent me only showed claiming with Daedalus wallet.

Currently its not possible to claim your ITN rewards via Yoroi. If you want to redeem them right now, you would have to use Daedalus or Adalite.

Or u can wait to be available in yoroi!


Okay. I was really having issue with the Daedalus wallet syncing so I just retrieved my coins with the Yoroi wallet and staked on Shelley so I don’t know if all that has been fixed for the Daedalus wallet. It was a real pain and waste of time at that time. Yoroi wallet was pretty easy to use at the time. That’s why I am asking. I don’t know if the Daedalus wallet still has those issues.

Yes, better now, got improvments but daedalus is a full node and needs to download all db;
yoroi is a light wallet; that’s why it is faster…

Also, can the Yoroi wallet be used with the leger nano s?

Yes, can be used

Is the Adalite wallet a lite wallet?

Maybe I can use it to transfer my ADA and also claim the rewards!

It is a Free open-source web-browser Cardano wallet with Trezor and Ledger Nano S and Nano X support.

Yes, but be sure to be on adalite.io the real one… not a clone

Thanks, That was what I was going to ask because I don’t see their link on the website.

Which website?

The Cardano main website. It only has Daedalus and Yoroi wallet shown on there not Adalite.

I don’t know why… the real adalite.io should be trust… even ledger mentioning it

I know. It’s a bit weird that they don’t have it there. One more question, I don’t remember if I used leger to stake on the testnet or just regular wallet, it should be easy getting this done, right?

Try to restore ur regular wallet and see if u have any balance to ITN section