Staking Rewards - Shelley Mainnet

Hi everyone, I staked successfully with a Byron 15 word Yoroi wallet. I also recovered this wallet in the Daedalus Shelley Testnet Wallet and it showed the correct amount of testnet rewards. But now on the Daedalus Shelley Mainnet wallet, even though I was able to recover the Yoroi Byron 15 word wallet, it’s only showing my original amount, and no rewards. Am I missing something? Please let me know if my question is confusing.

Thanks to all and may your path be ever clear!

The rewards wallet is separate, with a different 15 word seed phrase, and you have to recover that as well. Hope you have the phrase!

I never created a new wallet in Yoroi Testnet, I just recovered my Byron Wallet and used that for staking. If indeed Yoroi Testnet created a new rewards wallet, how would I know?

I recovered the Byron Wallet in Daedalus Shelley Testnet back when it came out, and I could see my exact reward balance there. Surely that’s confirmation I have the right phrase?

Sorry, staking via Daedalus involved creating a new wallet specifically for rewards and I assumed Yoroi would be the same. @SebastienGllmt is the Yoroi expert in here, he should be able to help.

Ok, so let me be a bit clearer on steps I took. Numbers are made up:

  1. Byron Wallet created in Yoroi (phrase 1 or p1) - 15 words
  2. Accumulated 1k ADA (balance 1 or b1)
  3. Yoroi Testnet installed, p1 recovered
  4. p1 balance transfered via intrawallet transfer
  5. p1 balance used for staking. Rewards are 100 ADA at end of process (b2)
  6. p1 used to restore wallet in Daedalus Shelley Testnet, showing exactly b2 in the “rewards account balance” section
  7. p1 used to restore wallet in Daedalus Shelley Mainnet. 100% synced, showing only b1 and not b2

OK so I don’t know exactly what’s happened, or how they they should show up for you, but I can tell you rewards are not yet available for anyone.

Oh ok, well that’s good to know. Where can I be informed about the status of reward balances in Mainnet?

Any/all of the official channels, I expect, including the forum.