Claiming testnet rewards on Yoroi

Hi, I staked on the TEstnet and was wondering how i can clcim the ADA that i earned by staking on the testnet. Can anyone help please?

Hey @Nods1

You are able to claim your ITN rewards via Daedalus or Adalite. Just restore your reward wallet with your seed in one of those wallets.

I used Yoroi though…

I used Yoroi wallet…

Daedalus has a feature that allows restoration of Yoroi wallets.

You should be able to start the Daedalus wallet, restore the Yoroi wallet, claim the ITN rewards and then send them to Yoroi.

The other option is to wait until Yoroi supports ITN redemption.

That’s OK Yoroi (Byron , as well as ITN) wallets can be opened in ADALite as well as Daedalus

I have now downloaded a 2.1 daedalus wallet and synced the blockchain, put in my 15 word pass phrases and it linked with my old testnet wallet. I can see the transaction where i put the ada in the wallet and took it out again but there are no rewards showing. Ada shows as being zero.
When or how do i get the rewards please?

Is the wallet already synced to 100%?

I’m neawrly there but i have done it backwards…i synced the byron wallet and then opened a new shelly wallet. just putting some ADA in it…i’m near the end of claiming it i think…does it matter that i downloaded shelly after the byron?