Yoroi testnet wallet restore

So, i have my ADA in a Yoroi testnet wallet, but there is no connection anymore. How do i get my ADA out of there including rewards? Restore wallet? I have searched but not find the answer of how to do that exactly.

If you want to claim your ITN rewards, you have to restore your wallet on the mainnet with your seed.

Currently this is possible with Daedalus or Adalite.

You cant get your initial ADA out of the testnet, since this was only a snapshot from your balance in the mainnet back in november.


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So how do i get my initial ADA out of there?

There is no way to send your initial ADA out of the testnet. They are just like a copy of your balance back in november 2019.

You can only claim the rewards from staking from the ITN.

So, they are gone o…? I’m a bit confused.

The ada which you had in the ITN are just a copy of your balance from the mainnet back in november 2019. It was never intended that you can move them to the mainnet after ITN finished.

Only the rewards which you made with staking are claimable.

Ok, but stil the question, where is my ADA now? I tell you what i did.

  • i had my ADA in the Yoroi wallet (i have my seed from that wallet)
  • Than i created a testnet wallet. I don’t no exactly how, but when opening the normal yoroi wallet, there is no created wallet anymore, so all i have is this testnet wallet. I never got a new seed from the testnet wallet.

So when i restore the wallet with the seed from my original wallet, i have all my ADA back?

To be fair i dont exactly know what you did. But as long as you have your seeds and if you didnt sell your ada, you should be fine.

You may want to try to restore your wallets with your seed on Daedalus.

You might be confusing testnet Yoroi with mainnet Yoroi, they’re different programs (extensions).

I’m aware that they are 2 different extensions. I think i remember what i did. I restored my yoroi wallet on the yoroi testnet wallet and delegated my Ada. If i restore it again into let’s say Adalite wallet, i would have all my Ada including the rewards, right?

You should have 2 different seeds.

1 for your wallet from the mainnet
1 for your ITN-reward wallet.

Try to restore both of them in Adalite.

I only have one seed. If i got one from the reward wallet, i would definitely have written that down. Anyway, i try to restore the wallet with the seed i do have and see what happens.

Just to clarify, in case it helps…

When first engaging with the ITN, the process of getting tADA (testnet ADA) was to “restore” your original mainnet wallet, but this had no effect on the original wallet or anything on the mainnet. It was maybe best viewed as a copy/paste operation, just to establish your right to stake a certain amount on the ITN. That tADA dissolved into nothingness when the testnet ended. Apart from any transfers you might have initiated, your original mainnet wallet should be exactly now as it was in November last year.


Allright, i’ve managed to restore my wallet with Adalite and got my initial ADA and rewards. Question, can we stake on yoroi now?

Yes if you use the chrome extension without ledger, you are able to stake via Yoroi.

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When i insert a ticker from a pool, it keeps telling me that it is invalid.

in yoroi wallet.

You dont have to insert the tickername, you need the pool id.

You find the pool id on sites like https://pooltool.io/


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Ah, working now. I watched a tutorial someone saying to put in the ticker name. Thanks everyone for the help, i’m good now \m/

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