How do i retrieve my ADA?

OK left crypto for a bit, and things passed me by. I am trying to retrieve my ADA off the Incentivised Testnet Wallet. I can see that I have 2.6K, I stopped the delegation, but where is it and how do I get it back.

I have upgraded to the latest Daedaleus wallet on PC and still have the Daedaleus Testnet wallet to. I have not deleted any wallets but I cannot see the 2.6K ADA anywhere.

Where as on the updated wallet (created a new wallet) I have claimed the rewards (82ada) but the rest is not there. Have I done something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey and welcome @SpinFX007

Id recommand to use because imo its the easiest way to claim your ITN rewards.

  1. Restore your wallet on adalite (make sure you are on the offiacl adalite site)
  2. Claim your rewards (i think the function was called “make stakeable” on adalite)
  3. Send your claimed funds from adalite to your main wallet on Daedalus

If you need help feel free to ask here :slight_smile:


Umm i already retreived my rewards on the Mainnet Wallet 3.0.0. I am just wondering where the 2.6Kada is? As its not showing up in the Mainnet Wallet.

Ah i think i misread.

You probably restored a Shelley Wallet instead of Byron.

OK well i am an idiot. I thought i had the right recovery phrase but i did not. I looked around and i found a bit of paper that i printed out ages ago with the words on. Turns out they were for that account.

Sorry to have wasted your time. Lesson learnt Keep pass phrase words handy.

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No problem mate! Im glad you resolved that problem and got your funds now :slight_smile:


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