Lost ITN rewards

I had a feeling this would happen. With all of the Daedalus versions floating around over the last few months I have managed to fuck something up. I have the 15 word recovery phrase, but I feel I may have moved them to anther wallet or something back between the test net and the ITN test net. When I plug them in it says there’s no ADA in that wallet. Maybe I’ll try Yoroi when it’s ready (it’s down right now).


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Not sure if this could even happen. Did you try to restore your ITN wallet with adalite.io ? I feel there are a few persons out there which had some problems with restoring with Daedalus.


Checked it. there’s 0 ADA in that wallet. Could it still be stuck back in an earlier wallet? Like one of the testnet versions? I was checking on it daily for a while so I know it was collecting rewards, but then it stopped working and everything kind of fell behind i think.

If I missed an update or something along the way? I don’t know how I would have inadvertently moved or misplaced those ITN ada.

Hold on. I think you may be overlooking something. I used adalite.io to go through this process and when I restored my ITN wallet, the rewards amount was not equal to the balance of the wallet if I recall correctly. They are 2 different things, rewards and balance.

You ought to be able to restore the ITN wallet, which will indeed have 0 ADA balance (if I remember correctly). You ought to then “redeem” your ITN rewards on that wallet (you should be able to see the amount of rewards!), which will after success then show the balance of your ITN rewards instead of 0. It was necessary on adalite.io to fund the ITN wallet with 1 or 2 ADA to pay for the redemption transaction. After that I was able to send the ITN reward wallet balance to a Shelley wallet of my choosing.

So, don’t panic and give it another go. I can’t help with Daedalus as the process is driven a bit differently.

In addition to what @Dminfuse wrote, it is also not possible that rewards get stuck in a wallet. If you have the private key/seed phrase of the address with which you delegated to a stake pool in the ITN, you will be able to redeem your rewards. Rewards are recorded on-chain and not bound to a specific wallet version.

Not sure but maybe there’s some confusion here. On ITN there was a balance wallet, which held the sum to be staked, and the rewards wallet, which of course collected staking rewards. Since ITN ended the balance wallet has been irrelevant, the rewards wallet is what needs to be recovered/redeemed.

I have a feeling this is what happened. Was this a necessary step in the process that i missed?

Not sure where you stand now and if you did miss some steps along the way. What I would suggest is to download the most recent Daedalus version and let it sink 100% and then create a new Shelley wallet with a 24 word phrase. Once that has synced 100% you will then have the option on the left hand side of redeeming your ITN rewards. You will enter your 15 word phrase from the ITN wallet and your spending password from your new Shelley wallet and you should then see your rewards. There are also some videos out on how to do this. Best of luck. Cheers

You have the 15 word seed phrase but it’s saying wallet is empty. This happened to me and several, perhaps many others. Try again. Some have restarted Daedalus but all I had to do was delete and re-enter all the words. Hope this works for you too.

Yep, I agree. On adalite.io I had to redeem the rewards of the rewards wallet, is what I explained.

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You might want to check this post. See if it helps.

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I love this project to death, but i have to be honest, i’ve had LOTS of issues with Daedalus. Right now it’s been “Connecting to network” for ten minutes.

Really? This is the end product?

Also the reason why i possibly messed things up in the past isn’t so much because I’m tech illiterate, but because of that PLUS all of the issues that made it far more difficult for users like me (with an older computer and limited tech skills).

This is a long way from the end product. The network hasn’t started scaling yet everyone is pounding it mercilessly. What do you expect?

Apparently more.

Hearing lots of complaints but no thank you’s for all of the people trying to help you.

I appreciate the help. Probably more apt to express that appreciation if and when i am able to track down my 40,000 ish ADA.

Ya think?

No, I don’t think that. It’s a shame that common courtesy for you depends on someone successfully solving your problem. You definitely will not be getting any more help from me.


You know Brad, you could have been content at "Best of luck. Cheers"and been content with your own actions, but you chose to be offended when i didn’t respond in the manner you wanted me to.

Thank you for trying to help me.


Too bad. More realistic expectations mean less disappointment.


Meh. This whole realm is a dream. Doesn’t really matter what happens.

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