ITN Rewards Balance & Staking

Just finished installing and connecting via 2.0.1

My ITN rewards are showing in Daedalus Mainnet. If I try to stake rewards, it says “This wallet contains only rewards balances so it cannot be delegated”. If I try to transfer the rewards out to another wallet, I get “Cannot send from a wallet that contains only rewards balances.”

Any ideas how to access and stake ITN rewards balance? Thanks!

Was your transfer from ITN to Mainnet automatic? My rewards are not showing in Mainnet yet. I can’t even restore my ITN wallet to see how many rewards I have,

I restored my ITN Yoroi wallet twice. The first time, as a Yoroi Byron Wallet, the second time, as a Yoroi Shelley ITN Wallet.

The Yoroi ITN wallet had my rewards. The Byron Wallet had my original balance. Both had the same phrase.

No ITN rewars on my yoroi, the rewars are gone, not on yoroi incentivive testenet or latest yoroi, I cant see them anywere, sems like desapered.

I restored my 15 word ITN wallet on Daedalus 2.1.0 and it show’s a zero balance… Weren’t the rewards supposed to be available on August 3rd? It’s now August 6th… Does anyone know anything about this?

The current situation is complicated but this vid does a pretty good job of explaining it. TLDR: wait for new version of Daedalus.

Even though this is an old topic, I wanted to give it closure by saying thank you to everyone that replied, and that the issue was 100% resolved with subsequent versions of Daedalus. As always, Cardano proves to be a consistent, stable, and trustworthy community; as well as one of the few projects out there that are intuitive, friction-less, and fast for end users, without sacrificing immutability. Kudos to all!

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