Will I lose all my ITN rewards because my Daedalus ITN wallet won't work?

I am still unable to get my Daedalus 2.3.1-ITN wallet to connect. It just says “connecting to network” but never connects just spins and spins even after letting it sit for hours.
I have an open ticket with Cardano about it but they just stopped communicating after their suggestion of turning the computer off and on didn’t work.
I would like some kind of response from someone who knows what they’re talking about to give me some suggestions on how to get connected.
Thanks for your help.

try to restore your ITN wallet in Yoroi testnet. I also had some troubles with the daedalus ITN testnet wallet and then i switched to yoroi and never went back :smiley:

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Yes. I’ve had that for a couple of months but I’m trying to get the Daedalus ITN wallet functional.
I think we may have to have that to transfer rewards to the new Shelley wallet.

No, rewards wallet (with 15 word seed for Daedalus Rewards (ITN) / Yoroi Shelley testnet wallets ) are same wallet formats and hence - 100% compatible. You do not need Daedalus ITN wallet to be functional for retrieving rewards to Shelley mainnet.

I hope that is accurate and that is the first question I asked on the ticket I started with Cardano.
They wouldn’t answer that question so I assumed they were implying I would have to have the Daedalus ITN to transfer the rewards from.
I’m going to try to get them to answer that question directly. Wish me luck.
Thanks for replying rdlrt.

That is accurate, you won’t need the ITN wallet to be functioning, also it is most likely you delegated to a pool before your ITN became inoperable on your computer and your tADA will remain collecting rewards as long as the pool is still contributing to the test net.
So when you restore your rewards wallet on Shelley Mainnet it is likely you could see those rewards, it is also possible that you could utilize the pooltool.io site to check and see if you are listed as a delegate to the pool you had chosen before the ITN wallet stopped responding.

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I received an answer from IOHK. No, I will not need my Daedalus ITN wallet to transfer my rewards when the time comes. Just wanted to get that confirmed from the main source. Thanks to all who responded!

I will only need the pass phrase for my ITN wallet according to IOHK.
Hoping for the best.