Can I redeem ITN rewards that were staked with Daedalus using Yoroi?

As Daedalus 2.1 is not working for me as documented here: Latest daedulus seems to be stuck at startup with "Generating the certificates"

Can I use Yoroi to retrieve the staked ITN rewards (that was originally staked with deadalus)?

Yes you can claim your ITN rewards via Yoroi.


At step 3 it says “Transfer ada from old Byron wallet to new Shelley wallet.”. Must I transfer all of the ADA? And are all the addresses compatible? Do I just send it FROM the byron wallet to the address listed on the “receive” tab on the newly created shelly wallet?

As far as i know you only have to transfer 1-2 Ada in order to pay the transaction fee.

But i didnt redeem the ITN rewards via Yoroi.

But i didnt redeem the ITN rewards via Yoroi.

Okay, so you didn’t but it’s meant to be possible?

Yes you are able to claim it via Yoroi but as i didnt do it over Yoroi im not 100% sure how. But if you follow the guide i posted, it shouldnt be a problem to do so :slight_smile:

Well okay interesting. So I “claimed” it and got the “entire” balance now on the shelley wallet that also exists on the byron wallet.

However I see no mention of ITN rewards?

Did you restore a wallet with your ITN reward wallet seed? If so that ada would be the rewards :stuck_out_tongue:

No I did not. The post said “Recover old Byron wallet.”… Attempt two…

Pretty sure he means the ITN reward wallet with that because that is a byron wallet.

Actually this seems very confusing. The ITN Byron wallet did not ever exist if I remember correctly. You had to make a transfer from the byron ITN shanshot wallet -> shelly ITN wallet? Why are we calling this the “byron” wallet?

Okay let me try to explain to you.

Step 1 : Create a totaly new Shelley wallet on Yoroi
Step 2 : Restore your old main wallet (which is a old legacy Byron wallet )
Step 3 : Send your funds from the old main wallet to your new Shelley wallet
Step 4 : Recover ITN rewards into new Shelley wallet using the claim and transfer function.

I hope this helps you and sorry for the confusion.

Yes that is exactly what I did. I “claimed” the funds, but that just gave me the original balance.

I do not see any rewards for that.

So you may have the wrong seed. If you restore that wallet you shouldnt see anything else than the rewards imo.

Try to use or Daedalus to make sure you restored the correct seed.

That does not make any sense… What about the people who did not even participate in ITN - they would “recover” their old byron wallet just like it’s instructed in that post. And they would recover their old “funds”.

Why would only the rewards show up?