Daedalus ITN rewards in Yoroi

Even Leaders need help sometimes! :smile: (Won’t surprise anyone who knows me…)

I tried to get ITN rewards in Daedalus, seemed successful, but the transaction remained pending for days, so I checked the TxID and got “no such transaction”. No doubt due to syncing issues.

So, after the Yoroi extn update today (3.1.2) I decided to try it there. Perhaps foolishly, instead of looking for a dedicated claim/transfer function, I just dived in and used the standard wallet restore functionality with the 15 word reward wallet phrase from Daedalus.

That seemed successful too, but I can’t send from it, even after sending a couple of ADA to it. And now that I’ve found the actual claim/transfer process, I see the Shelley testnet option is not yet implemented.

So can I do anything with the restored rewards wallet now or do I have to wait for another new Yoroi version?

Hey Rob :smiley:

I’d try Adalite, like i tell everyone else :smiley:

If you need help you can reach me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway as far as i know its not possible to claim the ITN rewards right now with Yoroi as they stated in this tweet : https://twitter.com/YoroiWallet/status/1293108160790585347



Rewards now redeemed and sent to main wallet using AdaLite, thanks a lot Fabian! :+1: :+1: :+1: :grin:


Just for completion of thread (for future reference), based on status of Yoroi extension 3.1.1 , the version does not support:

  • Ledger Integration
  • Withdrawing ITN rewards
    These should come in future versions.

Since Daedalus/Yoroi have used a default of 24 words going forward, the ideal steps to take if using Hot wallets is:

  • Create a new Yoroi wallet (write down 24 word seed , keep it safe)
  • Transfer/Claim Byron wallet using previous seeds
    Consolidate Byron funds into shelley wallet.

For ITN rewards, while this version did not allow withdrawing it, you can still keep the steps handy as per below:

  • Restore > 15 words > Shelley wallet. This will restore your ITN wallet, but will have 0 non-rewards funds.
  • If you need to use the ITN funds for staking, while in Yoroi, send 2.2 (or higher) ADA from Shelley wallet to this one, and delegate from this wallet.
  • Once ITN rewards claiming is available (in upcoming release), you can consolidate this ITN and Shelley wallets together.

Indeed, ADALite would sound much more straightforward for now :slight_smile: , only issue being they only support 15 word wallets (other than hardware wallets), which are shelley wallets too (and perfectly fine imo) - but not the default assumptions on Yoroi/Daedalus.

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