How do I Find my ITN rewards in Yoroi?

Is there a walk through how to redeem ITN ADA for the Yoroi wallet. I’m having a hell of time. I was able to restore my Byron wallet and create a new Shelley wallet, then sent all my ADA to new shelley wallet. However, My ITN rewards were not showing up in the byron wallet.

Did I mess up by creating a new Shelley wallet first, and then restoring Byron wallet and sending my ADA to new wallet before claiming my ITN rewards? Do I need to send my ADA back to Byron wallet to claim my due ITN rewards?

Hey @JasonAsher

Currently its not possible to claim your ITN rewards via Yoroi. If you want to redeem them right now, you would have to use Daedalus or Adalite.


Hey @JasonAsher did you manage to do this? As it now seems to be possible though I haven’t had any luck…