Stuck in Yoroi - Need help claiming testnet staked rewards, upgrading to Shelley, and then delegating

Ok I’m lost :wink: - forgive me please. I have a Yoroi Byron era wallet that hasn’t been upgraded. I participated in the testnet and stake about 230k ADA. I earned roughly 20k ada. Now on Yoroi the top prompt says I have to upgrade to a Shelley wallet. I want to claim my staked ADA from the testnet and then delegate my ada again on the mainnet. I don’t understant what the proper steps are. Can someone walk me through it? I also would be willing to pay for zoom support so I can share my screen.

Hey @rorymartin1

You have to create a new Shelley wallet in Yoroi and after that you have to claim your old Byron wallet.

If you want to claim your ITN rewards, you would have to use Daedalus or Adalite for that.



This is a matter of opinion, others might disagree, but I’d say create Shelley wallet and transfer contents from Byron wallet first. That will let you delegate your main holding.

Then you can redeem ITN rewards anytime, it’s a relatively small amount that you miss out on staking meantime. Reward redemption within Yoroi will come soon I’m sure.

If you really want the rewards asap then IMO best use, but be very careful you’re on the right site, there are quite convincing clone sites made by scammers.


Thanks! Would you be willing to zoom on this so I can screen share? Totally willing compensate for the time.

Here you go mate

Creating a wallet is one thing that should never be done via screen share, you’d be sharing your seed phrase with the world.

It is really, honestly, not difficult! Just click on Add wallet and follow the steps one by one with a reasonable amount of care. When you have your new Shelley wallet, click on the Claim/transfer icon on the left and follow the steps carefully. You’ll be fine! This is not coding! :grinning:


I just have a Byron era wallet on Yoroi mainnet - do I create new or restore. When I watch the vid above it doesn’t seem straight forward.

The video is about redeeming rewards, you need to “convert” your wallet from Byron to Shelley first. These are different operations, don’t confuse them.

“Convert” is in quotes because what you actually need to do is create a new Shelley wallet first, then claim/transfer the contents of your old Byron wallet into the new one.

So focus on one step at a time.

  1. Create new Shelley wallet
  2. Claim/transfer from Byron wallet
  3. Redeem ITN rewards (which uses Claim/transfer function again)

I haven’t personally done step 3 in Yoroi, I did it using AdaLite, but feel free to come back after steps 1 & 2 for help with 3 if you need it, hopefully someone else will step in.

Ok so I’ve got my byron wallet ada transferred to a new shelley wallet. I don’t understand how to move my ITN rewards to adalite. I have an adalite setup but need guidance from here please

I entered byron phrase and there’s nothing showing up in staking

The video posted above by @Zyroxa is about redeeming ITN rewards using AdaLite, which like all wallets is just a portal onto the blockchain, so “moving ITN rewards to Adalite” does not come into it.

ok so nothing is working here…when I try and transfer from my yoroi itn wallet to my byron wallet it has an error…when I try and claim from my mainnet shelley wallet it says my wallet is empty???

The Byron era is over, nothing can be done with Byron wallets except transfer contents into Shelley ones.

when I try and claim from my mainnet shelley wallet it says my wallet is empty?

Assuming you mean “claim to” there, you need to have at least a small amount to cover the transaction fee. (In this case, unusually, that is taken from destination not source.) If you transfer from Byron to Shelley wallet before trying to redeem rewards, you would have that.

So should I (can I) put a little back into my byron wallet from shelley and then make the transfer from itn?

No, that was why I said you can’t do anything with Byron wallets! Except transfer to Shelley, of course.

I’m sorry, I thought this was quite clear already.

Claim/transfer contents of Byron wallet into Shelley then do the same with ITN rewards.

I still don’t understand - sorry. I transferred everything from my byron main net wallet to my new shelley mainnet wallet. Now in my testnet wallet it only shows my byron wallet. Exactly what do I do next to claim testnet rewards into my shelley wallet on the mainnet?

Delete Yoroi ITN from your browser. In current Yoroi select new Shelley wallet then click on Claim/transfer icon on left. Click on Shelley-era wallet and continue, I believe it’s straightforward from there though I haven’t done it myself.

Hi all - I’m still stuck - I think I need a zoom (not to share any keys) but just to understand exactly what I’m missing…everything I’ve tried does not work - anyone willing to zoom real quick? I can hide screenshare when entering passes

Hey Rob - still stuck - know of anyone who can walk me through it on a zoom ( I can hide my screenshare when in yoroi)