Transfer/upgrade the wallet from Shelley to Byron in Yoroi

I need to transfer the wallet from Shelley to Byron in Yoroi, but Yoroi ask me for 12 words som I never get when I send Ada from Daedalus (testnet) to Yoroi , what can I do? If i write the 12 words from daedalus it says deadalus wallet is empty (i had sent my ada to another wallet after stacking with testnet in yoroi, if i restart i will lose my rewards?

You cannot transfer from Incentivised testnet (that you refer to as shelley) to Byron. You need to wait for mainnet , and your rewards will only be accessible after Aug 3.
Be patient and do not attempt things without announcements. All you will need to claim your rewards from ITN (being a wallet user) will be your 15 word seed for rewards wallet(s).


ok, thank you so much for answer, can I take contact with you if I have any problem or ask something later ? :slight_smile:

Not fair to ask any individual member to hold your hand, you got your answer in the forum, that’s where to ask your next question.