Testnet deleted all my ADA in Daedalus Balance Check

Had many thousands of ADA in two Daedalus wallets. Snapshot captured amounts. Transferred amounts to “Rewards Wallets” within Testnet Daedalus. All good. Amounts transferred over.

A couple of days later, both “Rewards” wallets empty. ADA testnet balance still showing in the original “recovered” accounts on the testnet.

Tried sending ADA again from testnet balance accounts to “rewards” wallets. Both transactions shown with correct amounts of ADA sent, but ADA never showed up in “Rewards” wallets. Now all accounts show ZERO balances.

Any suggestions other than delete testnet Daedalus and recreate everything and hope balances show up again?

Kind of confusing. Luckily, original Daedalus wallets are intact.

Your mainnet ADA will never change, so don’t worry about that.

You completed your testnet balance check so don’t worry about anything else on the testnet. Very shortly there will be another snapshot, then you will get access to the wallets and able to stake.


Appreciate your help! Thanks. I’ll chill and wait.

Does we already know when will be the next main Snapshot?It is already end ot the month.

This will be announced by IOHK, keep an eye on official feeds