Daedalus Reward Wallet Balance Back in Balance Wallet

He Guys,

I have been staking successfully for over a week now but I have just opened my testnet wallet again and and my ADA is back in my Balance wallet?

I am getting a message (in red) that I need to move my ada to my rewards wallet again?

What should I do?

Don’t know for sure but if it was me I’d leave it for a day or two at least and see if it sorts itself out. I’m sure your delegation will remain as-is meanwhile.

Yeah probably Rob…the transactions are on the blockchain So I guess it will be fine…Just don’t want to miss my rewards. Although small, I enjoy them

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I had same problem. I deleted all wallets and then restore them, now all wallets show correct balances.


I have a problem to undelegate ada from pool. it shows ‘error accurs’ any problem with the daedalus?

GD, This has happened a few times. Deleting the Testnet Wallet from your computer, redownloading the newest version, and restoring all your wallets again is a sure fix at leats on my Mac.

That said, the same thing happened just yesterday and I didn’t hav etim eto redo as described above, and it fixed itself.

regardless of when I fix it the rewards are always accurate so it seems like something local to a users computer.

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