ADA Sent Back to the Balance Wallet from the Reward Wallet after Delegated to a Pool

So I have four wallets in my Daedalus, after I download the testnet and restore all four wallets without any issue, I then decided to delegate. I created a reward wallet and sent all ADA in each individual wallet to the reward wallet as its prompt you to do so. Everything works smoothly and I was able to delegate the reward wallet with all my ADA in there to my desired pool with a fee of 0.800000 ADA.
But after 10 minutes or so it is showing that only the ADA from the first wallet was transferred to the reward wallet and the ADA on the 2nd 3rd and 4th were not even it is showing in the transaction history that I did, it also prompt me to Move Testnet ADA again to the reward wallet.

Do I have to move them again?
Another question than I have is can I create more than 1 reward wallet in 1 Daedalus if I have multiple wallets so that I can delegate my other ADA to other pool?

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The same thing happened to my tb. 3 times I have sent and delegated my coins and again they have returned back to the balance daedalus wallet.
In the end I don’t know if I have delegated at this time or I still cannot delegate.

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My understanding is you are delegating “reward wallet” not the ADA inside. This means you can add or remove ADA any time and the delegation is still valid. It’s therefore possible you’ve delegated your reward wallet, but the transaction where you were moving your ADA to it stalled and was cancelled. It happened to me as well and I had to send it again.

A hypothesis - your Daedalus was on a wrong fork, which got corrected and now the transaction is not on a chain, but Daedalus has some off-chain caches and they are not in sync with the chain? If that is the case restarting the Daedalus or/and completely deleting it’s storage should fix that.

My wallet did the exact same thing
I delegated at epoch 3 then at epoch 5 I went to zero
And there are no pools showing up.

reinstall Daedalus with delete Daedalus folder
location of folder you can find here:

Reinstalled testnet wallets all ADA and delegation are still good.

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All problems with the Daedalus rewards wallet have been resolved.
1-. Help - open Daedalus state directory: delete everything and reinstall Daedalus rewards wallet and recovering wallets.

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I was able to solve it just by deleting and restoring affected wallet from seed.

Are you referring to Daedalus or Daedalus ITN v1 or both or some combo of the two?