Daedalus Wallet - not switching rewards address

I have Daedalus 4.0.5. The problem i have is that i moved my complete ADA to a new Ledger Wallet. The old Wallet is still delegated. I delegated the new Wallet to the SAME Pool. Even after 9 days i recognize that all my staking rewards are still going to the old Wallet even if it is empty.

Is there something I’m missing, because it looks like Daedalus takes the old address out of both rewards addresses when two wallets are delegated to the same pool.

You just have to wait 15-20 days until you get your first rewards in your new wallet. In the meantime you still get rewards from your old wallet, because the payment for your rewards are abit delayed :slight_smile:


Hi Fabian,

thxs, I will take this into account.


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