Transferring ADA between wallets but keeping staking rewards


A relative newbie to Cardano here (although I have taken the time to read up about the project).

I had originally set up a wallet in Yoroi which I had delegated to a stake pool and had been receiving rewards.

I subsequently bought a Ledger Nano X and wanted to transfer the Ada in my original wallet to a new one linked with my ledger device. I had understood I was able to do this without losing out on the staking rewards, which would continue being credited to the original wallet for 2 epochs after the transfer.

In the previous epoch, I transferred the majority of my Ada to the new ledger wallet, leaving a nominal amount behind in the original wallet (c. 2 Ada) and have delegated the new wallet to a stake pool. At the same time, I also ‘undelegated’ the original wallet so the 2 Ada deposit would be returned.

We’re now into a new epoch but my old wallet has not received any staking rewards (which I thought it would continue to receive for 2 further epochs). Does anybody know why this might be? My instinct is that it has something to do with undelegating the old wallet at the same time as doing the transfer, which in hindsight may have been a mistake, but if somebody could confirm that would be very helpful!

Indeed, if u unregistered the stake keys u will not receive rewards anymore…

After u will change the staking rewards u should wait 2 more epochs before to unregister the address… u can try to delegate 1 ADA again if u are expecting rewards next epoch and then u can deregister again

I am not sure if u will be able to see the rewards for epoch 260 (paid in 262) but u can try

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Thanks for the reply - that’s helpful. I only had a small(ish) balance of Ada originally delegated so it’s probably not worth the 0.17 transaction fee x2 to delegate and undelegate again to the original stakepool. I’ll just chalk this one up to experience!

Thanks again.

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